Electric Goods

We are here to make your visions come true. We can deliver all sorts of effects, from lights that flash just like lightning to color changing neon lights.

We offer not only light sticks but also charms for everyday use, rings and bracelets for the audience to have their hands available.

Custom making light sticks is one of our specialties as well. Let us know what you have in mind.

Groovy Light

You can make your audience part of the event with our Groovy Light. You can be in control of what you want to project. It can be letters, characters, waves and more by segmenting the event space into 32parts and using more than 32,000 colors!


From bags, pouches and blankets to crystals and stationary, let us know what you have in mind. We can make merch to promote your event and make it memorable for the ages.


Besteight Co. started as a block toys maker and we have stayed true to our root. With more than 20years of experience in this field you will be secure and at ease leaving the work to us when it comes to making toys for kids.


FLOW01Contact Us

You can contact us by calling or through filling out the inquiry form. Just a rough idea is enough to get started.


Our sales person and designer will be in contact and listen to what you have in mind in detail.


We will make a design based on what was discussed during the meeting.


We will give a quote based on the final amount, design and deadline.


After an order is placed, we will make a final sample and confirm with you.

After your consent is given to us, we will begin production.

FLOW06Delivery・Customer Support

We can deliver to the designated place that you desire from the factory overseas.

Let us know if you have any question at any point.


No matter how big or small, ask us any questions or concern you may have, by calling or sending an inquiry form.
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